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    SD59230U-HNI only turns on when manually rotated

    I have an SD59230U-HNI hat's been in service for years. Recently it started only turning on if I go out and move the turret around some, then it springs to life and boots. Normally I would guess there was a bad slip ring but IIRC it actually used cables. Anyone had a similar bug and solution?
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    With web interface and SMTP problems, how can I review IVS trips?

    I have a DHI-NVR5432-4ks2 and several IVS cameras (like SD59230U-HNI). Since the web interfaces really don't work now, and gmail is blocking SMTP messages, I have no real way of reviewing IVS trips (or modifying them for that matter.) I use smart pss for viewing in general, but for whatever...
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    IP based IR break beam sensors?

    Are there any IR break beam sensors that can integrate into a network? I know I can probably hook regular ones up to an alarm input on a camera, but I was hoping someone might make something more plug and play, maybe even poe, but I can't find anything. Same question for pir motion sensors.
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    SmartPSS saves 1 hour off from selected times?

    The time on the DVR, smart pss and the cameras is all synced, but whenever I got to clip a period, the time it saves is 1 hour ahead of the time selected, see the link below, starting at 7 makes it save 8, so I have to move the clipping points back one hour to get the right video, which is...
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    Tripwire "ghosting"

    Gyazo - 9b91b1643638091bde28aa27fa4f9302.gif I've fiddled with every setting I can think of that might make a difference, and these still keep coming up. There's no pattern that I can discern to even begin to pinpoint the cause. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Tripwire repeteadly losing tracking.

    Since I started to try and use tripwire Ive noticed it stops working, by working I mean tracking objects. I have not been able to figure out why yet, at first I thought it was after the NVR went through a reboot, possibly overwriting the cameras setting, but that wasn't it. Right not I'm just...
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    Increasing motion detection reliability?

    I have it set to 100 sensitivity and 25 threshold, and the detection area is bare ground with no branches ETC. Despite that I still get some false alarms. It detects cars which is the aim, but I just hand a herd of deer run straight through the detection zone and it did not set it off. Is...
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    Which is worse, spiderwebs or moths?

    Gyazo - 106254255bdfc08cbf3e92091206635f.gif Nothing like an invisible thread of silk to totally wreck your motion detection.
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    Dahua NVR email spam

    Got my NVR and a couple cameras in. The blackface starlight is great. But I'm having a little trouble with the NVR. It emails at start of motion, then an image, then at stop of motion. No settings to change it seems like, and I tired sending the address directly to spam with an exception for the...
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    pal and ntsc compatability on network cameras?

    Will pal cameras work with an ntsc dvr and vise versa? I don't see why they wouldn't be since its a digital signal. All the stuff on aliexpress seems to be labeled as pal is why I ask, which means if I get stuff from there and one day get something from north America I would obviously end up...
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    Shopping list check/reccomendations.

    Just want to check make sure there aren't some better options or anything anyone might want to share, thanks. NVR5232-4KS2 320Mbs 32 channel I doubt I would ever max this out... SD29204S-GN These would be used in my barn to monitor animals, I'd like something higher resolution, but I need the...
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    NVR web interface must have features?

    Are there any manufacturers that have web interface features that are worth considering them over others for? For instance, I have always hated how most DVR/NVRs backup videos. If continuous recording and you want to backup video around a motion alert, you have to view the motion alert in...
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    1080p cameras with poor image.

    I'm new to IP cameras, I have a hikvision PTZ and an amcrest little indoor thing and am planning to get a lot more. Both are 1080p, but the hikvision image quality is way way lower. I assume this has to to with the compression at the camera and the hikvision being under powered in image...