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  1. brianegge

    SMD and IVS ignoring tracked machines

    Yes, you can fool AI with a t-shirt or other low-tech methods. Based on the camera captures users post, most perps are not too concerned about cameras.
  2. brianegge

    SmartPSS Mac M1

    I've not had any trouble with other x86 processes on my Mac... seem SmartPSS is not following some API correctly. Process: SmartPSS [65552] Path: /Applications/ Identifier: com.dahuatech.SmartPSS Version...
  3. brianegge

    Have you heard of NDI??

    It would be nice if ipcams could broadcast NDI. We’d add more cameras to our live stream if they didn’t cost $2,000 each. We could go from RTSP to hdmi but we’d still have the latency issue.
  4. brianegge

    Have you heard of NDI??

    Most onvif IP cameras use H.265 or H.264 video compression. This technology groups blocks of the screen together and compresses it, and also sends delta frames before or after key frames. This means if the video is static you use little bandwidth. The video compression is done on the camera, and...
  5. brianegge

    OpenALPR on a Raspberry Pi 4 and the Jetson Nano

    Yes, you can. I prefer to keep the OS and jet pack on the SD and my data and apps on usb storage. To the other question regarding GUI, best is if you get comfortable using SSH to the host. You...
  6. brianegge

    UBER Driver throws trash into the street

    2.02 Defendant Uber Technologies, Inc. ... Uber Technologies, Inc. may be served with process by service through its registered agent, CT Corporation at 1999 Bryan Street, Suite 900, Dallas, Texas You have to look at it like Dara Khosrowshahi personally came and dumped garbage on your street...
  7. brianegge

    Maybe Another Cam

    I have a few IP5M-T1179EW, which are about $50. The Loryta version of the same costs about $80, but enables all the IVS features. But hard to say if that fits your need. What’s important is knowing the distance from the camera you are interested in. The 2.8mm lenses are fine for up to 20’ or so.
  8. brianegge

    OpenALPR on a Raspberry Pi 4 and the Jetson Nano

    I purchased one from Makeronics. I got a larger bundle, which was a waste, as I didn't need the WiFi M2 module and I used the camera for all of five minutes. This one is $17.90 and is what I would buy next time:
  9. brianegge

    OpenALPR on a Raspberry Pi 4 and the Jetson Nano

    If you find it doesn't run OpenALPR as well as you want, you can install DeepStack on the Jetson quite easily for other tasks. They write
  10. brianegge

    OpenALPR on a Raspberry Pi 4 and the Jetson Nano

    No, sorry. If I was I would post some stats. I am using the Jetson for computer vision. When it sees a vehicle in my driveway it sends the image to SightHound api. It then announces the arrival on my Alexa and opens the garage door if needed.
  11. brianegge

    OpenALPR on a Raspberry Pi 4 and the Jetson Nano

    I’d suggest using a Jetson Nano instead of the pi. It’s really a much more capable SBC with a lower power gpu it will cost less than a NUC after you pay for the electricity. Only downside to the nano is the arm cores are slower than the rpi4. This is usually fine as you will be doing gpu tasks...
  12. brianegge

    gama/brightness problems

    On all my Amcrest cams I could skip the plug-in nag notice and configure the camera through the browser but without video. However, Amcrest has published firmware updates for many of their cams which does away with the need for a plugin. Also, if the cams are behind a PoE nvr, then yes, you must...
  13. brianegge

    Starlink satellite internet

    I was interested in StarLink until I heard they are using CGNAT. That would break my vpn setup, among other things.
  14. brianegge

    My Speeding Dectector Setup

    The street in front of a residential house is typically 25 mph, if it’s in a neighborhood. I have the same issues with people driving 50. We don’t have sidewalks , so if you walk or have kids riding their bikes you are in the street. My driveway points downhill to the road. I’ve done speed...
  15. brianegge

    Router recommendations

    You may want to consider the Dream Machine US$299 It comes with the firewall, router and built in AP. You can then add additional APs as needed. I suggest The AP6Lite US$99...
  16. brianegge

    Router recommendations

    I’m quite happy with my EdgeRouter X. It’s in the basement. My APs are on the upper floors.
  17. brianegge

    Getting invalid User Name or Pssword message on Dahua cam

    OK, not the same issue I was seeing then. I changed the password on my camera, then all the devices would not log in even after I updated the password! I think it was locking them out because they tried the 'wrong' (old) password too many times. I'm not sure if you are trying to log in to the...
  18. brianegge

    Getting invalid User Name or Pssword message on Dahua cam

    Also, if you can still access the camera, try creating another account. The account lockout feature seems to be per account, per IP address.
  19. brianegge

    Do any of you actually use Dahua P2P for external access to your cams?

    Yes, not because they ship sloppy products but because security is a changing landscape and they have a pipeline for finding and fixing vulnerabilities. The track record for ipcams and IoT devices is not nearly as good. Lorex has never shipped an update for my system. Generally the best advice...
  20. brianegge

    Getting invalid User Name or Pssword message on Dahua cam

    I’ve had this happen with my Dahua cams. NVR can log in fine but browser is locked out with same password. I rebooted the camera and deleted the cookies in my browser and it worked fine.
  21. brianegge

    Spare IP camera

    I’d suggest putting an SD card in the camera at your mother’s, for recording the main stream. Then connect via vpn to view the substream. The substream is smaller and when the internet cuts out you won’t lose any data.
  22. brianegge

    Amcrest Surveillance Pro 2.0 Beta (64-Bit Mac)

    This is my biggest annoyance. That and it doesn’t run on my Mac M1.
  23. brianegge

    "Empower" NVR4216 firmware

    Answering my own question, I was able to load the DH_NVR4XXX-4KS2_MultiLang_V4.001.0000005.1.R.201126.bin firmware onto this device. It works great - especially happy I don't need the plugin to view streams.
  24. brianegge

    Amcrest NV4108E-IP5M-T1179EW4-2TB Review

    The camera is attached on the eave of my garage door, so I don't have an exact measurement, but it's a 2.8mm lens, so maybe 10 feet. I tried setting a fixed shutter speed, which was good for cars coming up to the driveway at night. But then I found the auto day/night profile feature didn't...
  25. brianegge

    Amcrest NV4108E-IP5M-T1179EW4-2TB Review

    Correct, the camera can't be rotated around the ring.
  26. brianegge

    Amcrest NV4108E-IP5M-T1179EW4-2TB Review

    Is there anyway to tell from the jacket? Looking at the terminator, it's hard to tell, but I think it may be CCA. The cables are 50', so might not be so much of an issue.
  27. brianegge

    Amcrest NV4108E-IP5M-T1179EW4-2TB Review

    I received a camera kit from Amcrest to install and evaluate, with no requirement to post a review. Amcrest NV4108E-IP5M-T1179EW4-2TB four camera NVR kit. Cost on Amazon: $429.99. I was interested to try out this camera system, though it is on the lower end of Amcrests line. I’m a fan of...
  28. brianegge

    iPad 2 - iOS 9.3.5 - Home Dashboard?

    Have you tried running DakBoard?
  29. brianegge

    Garage camera with relay to open/close garage door

    I use the camera to determine which cars are present in the garage. I have an esp8266 to operate relays to open/close the garage doors. For position, I use z-wave tilt sensors on each garage door. The doors open when we arrive and close after we depart. I’d keep the camera alarm outputs...
  30. brianegge

    Search audio recordings

    Anyway to search audio files for a bullet going off? I assume I could export the mp4 files from the NVR, then strip the audio out in ffmpeg. But I'd need some software to search the files, maybe some OSS AI audio tool? Hoping I might be able to help someone in my neighborhood: Ridgefield PD...