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    From time to time I have tried to export a large BI video to MPEG-4. Is there some kind of a limit to the length of time or the size of the video that can be exported? It always seems to stop exporting before the full video export has been completed.
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    Has anyone seen any current deals on new or refurbished desktops to host 15 ip cams with Blue Iris? Probably an i5 or i7?
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    Weather Station Camera

    If you were going to choose a Hikvision POE Cam for an outdoor weather station in Southern California, which one would you choose?
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    Windows automatic update

    I purchased a Lenovo desktop running windows 10 so I can run Blue Iris with about 18 cameras. It all works great! I can't believe how hard it is to stop the darn machine from doing an automatic restart after a Windows 10 update, thus shutting down BI. I have done a lot of research and there...
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    Windows Clean Install

    I need to do a clean install of Windows on my BI i7 machine. What do I need to do to preserve all of my BI cam settings (15), clips, saved clips, users, etc, etc?
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    Trigger count

    Is there an easy way to know how many time a given profile is motion triggered during a particular period of time, a day for instance?
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    BlueIris Mobile

    I have set up a new user who is going to have access to one of my camera groups. When this user logs in using her ID and PW on chrome on her desk top, she has access to only the group of cameras that I have assigned. I installed BI mobile on her iPhone. When she logs in using her same ID and...
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    BI Remote Security

    I have had a BI web server set up for several years and opened up port 100 on my Airport Extreme router for this purpose. I suspect this open port has become a problem as I have suspisicions that some one is remotely accessing my computer. Are there a couple SIMPLE things that I can do to be...
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    Port 81

    When setting up a BI web server the BI documentation recommends using port 81. Why is port 81 any better than any other port?
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    Outdoor PTZ

    Whats the entry level for a reasonable out door PTZ? I will I could stay around $200 but I don't know if thats possible.
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    Best i7 deal

    What's the best i7 computer deal that anyone has located currently?
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    Lost clips

    I believe that my protected clips have somehow been deleted. Is that possible?
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    eBay Hik

    Recently a few of these have been showing up on eBay. The seller almost always has almost no feedback. Not sure why they are priced so low. Seems risky.
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    Hik Pin

    Does anyone have a good connection at Alibaba through which I can order a couple of Hik Pin Hole with 2.8 mm lens? I am having difficulty getting non-english speakers to understand and confirm the 2.8 lens on the site.
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    Hikvision Pinhole

    Does any one have a US source that can deliver a Hik Pinhole within a day or two? Neither Amazon nor New Egg can meet my timeline.
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    Hik Pin

    Does anyone have a source for a Hikvision pinhole with a 2.8 lens that could be delivered in less than 10 days for under $200?
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    Weather Station

    I am thinking of picking up a Hikvision DS-2CD2T32-I8 for my weather station. Is this a good choice?
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    50hz 60hz

    Every camera I have ever owned has a choice of 50hz and 60hz. Could someone explain these settings to me and which is best to use?
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    Sorting out Hikvision

    I am trying to sort out some of the Hik models. I have a 5500 square foot property including 1500 residence, 2500 manufacturing/office, 1500 retail. Eventually covered by 15 cams, with 2 outdoors, running on Blue Iris, mostly POE. These are the cams I am considering: DS-2CD2432-IW Cube...
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    DS-2CD2432F-IW color

    I am getting what I would call "normal" color on this Hik DS-2CD2432F-IW cam during the day. Attached is what I am getting after dark with mostly halogen interior lighting. Any ideas how I can improve the color under these conditions?
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    BI Camera Groups

    How do I delete a group that I have created?
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    Picture Quality

    I am not completely satisfied with the picture quality I am getting with pinhole: DS-2CD6412FWD-10 I guess I will continue to tweak it. Any advice is appreciated.
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    Date and Time Overlay

    I can't seem to figure out how to eliminate the Date/Time overlay on pinhole cam: DS-2CD6412FWD-10 Any thoughts?
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    Dahua vs Hikision

    Are the Dahua and the Hikvision models pretty similar in the $80-$150 range?
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    Whats the best pinhole cam, highest resolution, BI Compatible, POE or powered in the $400 range?
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    Account locked

    Changed the password on one of my Dahuas this morning. Tried to log on through browser and am getting message: "this account has been locked". Solution?
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    Transfer BI

    I am upgrading BI from my little windows 7 laptop to an i7 windows 8 desktop. I have lots of stored clips, 14 cameras, etc etc set up on my laptop. Is there an easy way to transfer ALL of the BI data, saved clips and everything to my new computer?
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    Remote Monitor

    I am running 16 cameras with blue iris on a i7 Dell. Whats the best way to add a remote monitor displaying camera vid about 50 feet away from the computer?
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    CCTV vs IP

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of CCTV vs IP systems?
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    Clips not appearing in iPhone

    I have many clips saved on my computer from the past year. For some reason, since July 14 only the clips since that date are appearing on my iPhone. Since that is roughly the date of the most recent BI update, I wonder if the two could be associated. Any ideas about how I can get the rest of...