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  1. Edcfish

    Renewal Refused?

    To roll back, I am guessing, you used the button under settings called 'Check for News and Updates' then tried to install 'another available previous update'? I have never used that method. I suppose I am just over cautious, but when I have needed to roll back a version (or 4) I exported my...
  2. Edcfish

    Renewal Refused?

    In the meantime, you can (I would) roll back BI versions to find the last valid version on your registration, and try to enter your renewal in that the ver least it would get rid of the evaluation version banner. Just to be clear: 1. you are going to the Settings gear in the...
  3. Edcfish

    Do you remember when you were clueless about cctv and started with BI?

    I would say I am still in the learning phase and I have been using BI for about 3 years. I setup an 18 camera system for a business and run a 7 camera system at home, both Blue Iris. I am also involved in a 30+ camera system at a business that is not BI. Simply put, for the cost of the PC...
  4. Edcfish

    Public mjpg webcam in Blu Iris

    If rtsp is enabled on the camera system's end this site may help you find/craft the correct url for access. I think the axis viewing page is doing something with java to play the video.
  5. Edcfish

    File Storage Help Required

    You will her this echoed by many others here on the forum.....There is usually no need to move files from one drive to another. Set your storage for New to the W drive and do not concern yourself about moving anything to Stored. In most cases it uses resources and shortens drive life with no...
  6. Edcfish

    IP Cams gone from Blue Iris (and network)

    A couple simple ideas... I would power cycle the POE switch. I would then try ONVIF Device Manager to see if it detects the cameras. If still no luck, I would disconnect all of the cameras from the POE switch, and reconnect them one at a time, monitoring between additions to hopefully locate them.
  7. Edcfish

    Blue Iris UI3

    Do you mean to disable UI3 from requiring a login after 10 minutes of inactivity? If so, go to the 3 dots in the upper right, click on UI Settings, then change the value for the 4th setting from the top 'The UI will close itself after this many minutes of inactivity. (0 to disable)' to 0 (zero).
  8. Edcfish

    Need help with my computer and blue iris

    The dahua config tool may be helpful. I generally use ONVIF Device Manager instead. For pretty much any option, the camera will need to be in the same IP range as the PC.
  9. Edcfish

    Need help with my computer and blue iris

    A few things to start with.... 1, for best performance, plug the camera and the computer both into the switch. 2. what is the IP range your router is handing out? ie: 192.x.x.x? 10.x.x.x ? 3. the default IP address for a new Dahua cameras is usually 4. you will want to assign a...
  10. Edcfish

    creating sub streams, need help with frame rate

    You should be setting those items in the cameras settings. This is what mine look like.
  11. Edcfish

    Is there a standalone BVR viewer?

    You could always give the cops the Blue Iris installer. They could then install and run it as the Evaluation version to view the BVR files.
  12. Edcfish

    Export of clips is greyed out

    I generally download the clips from the UI3 interface and didn't notice the change in BI from 4 to 5 until your post. :idk:
  13. Edcfish

    UI3 Tablet Recommendations

    I don't run it 24/7 any more but for about 3 weeks i used a Samsung Galaxy A tablet and it worked great.
  14. Edcfish

    Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more!

    Wow. Just Wow! So instead of complaiing about a pop-up that (at least for me) does not affect the actual functionality of the add on, why don't you create a new free tool and release it to the community here instead?
  15. Edcfish

    how to set up Static Ip addresses

    One note, in my experience it is better (more stable and more secure) to set the static IP within the camera's setup, making sure it is outside of the router's DHCP address range. And I second (third?) the opinion that WiFi and security cameras are not a good combination unless you have no...
  16. Edcfish

    Network Switch Loop

    Yes, one IP for each NIC. Port level VLAN. ....I did have a good time in Georgia. It was a dual purpose family trip. Our oldest was interviewing for a residency program. We were about 30 minutes NE of Atlanta and other than drive I didn't do anything stressful or even touristy. To make it...
  17. Edcfish

    Network Switch Loop

    The 4th post on this thread is very similar to what I have done. Blue Iris Network Diagram (link fixed) I run OpenVPN on a pfsense router (similar to this with a Celeron, 60GB SSD and 8GB RAM Qotom pfsense) and can connect from anywhere on my phone and laptop. I just got back home in Illinois...
  18. Edcfish

    Best ip cam choice with blueiris

    I have been quite happy with Dahua cameras. Be careful where you buy from, many sold online that seem 'cheap' are Chinese models with other languages 'hacked' onto them and as such any update to the camera will return it to the original language. It is worth spending a little more and getting...
  19. Edcfish

    External access to one camera stream

    here is one example of how to stream an IP camera using OBS.
  20. Edcfish

    A few cameras I forget the IP of and now cannot add them.

    Using the information in your router's connected devices would be my 1st choice, but if you have many devices connected it could be a bit of detective work to figure out what are the cameras. As another option, ONVIF Device Manager may be useful in this situation. It will scan your local...
  21. Edcfish

    Clip Storage

    1. external USB hard drives are not recommended. 2. If you are storing all the clips on a single drive, use only the New folder and retain clips based on space used (allocate in BI about 90% of the drive's total space, leaving 10% free). There is likely no reason to use multiple folders and...
  22. Edcfish

    Motion trigger when switching to night/IR vision

    Try adjusting the values located... in Blue Iris, going to Camera Properties -> Trigger tab, -> Motion Sensor Configure button -> Advanced -> Object Detection Edit button-> Reset Detector When Object Size Exceeds...
  23. Edcfish

    Motion trigger when switching to night/IR vision

    see this thread: Stopping an alert when camera switches from night vision to daytime
  24. Edcfish

    Idle PC

    You will want/need the PC to run continuously. For 3 cameras, running Blue Iris on a 'lower-end' machine should not be a power hog. I use an older Lenovo i5 (similar to this one: 2018 Lenovo ThinkCentre M73 Small Form Business High Performance Desktop Computer PC (Intel Core I5-4570...
  25. Edcfish

    2nd or 3rd video stream from cams - off when not using?

    Most cameras do have the ability to disable sub-streams. Yes. If you are not using them it is wise to disable them.
  26. Edcfish

    Covert POE cameras?

    I would not be too concerned about hiding your indoor cameras. Placement is key though. As has been said, on top of a bookshelf or even attached to a ceiling in the corner of a room and it is most likely that anyone entering the room will either not notice them OR it will be very inconvenient...
  27. Edcfish

    After 8 years BI up for a new HW setup. Pls Advice

    Correct. the MicroPC cannot hold additional drives (2.5 or 3.5), only a single 2.5" (and some models a M2 drive...usually not included)
  28. Edcfish

    'Photo stills' not as clear as video stream

    according to the specs at the link for the camera, it is a maximum of 640x480 resolution, so you are not going to get anything better than that from it.
  29. Edcfish

    Boiler Producing Plumes of Steam - False Alarms

    Have you tried adjusting the 'object size exceeds' option? Camera Properties -> Triggers -> Motion Sensor -> Object Detection -> Object Size Exceeds
  30. Edcfish

    Install error - Windows 10

    I think this thread has the answer you are looking for: Blue Iris missing vcruntime140.dll