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    DIY Wyze Conversion: Outdoor V2.5, plus Siren/PA/Spot Light

    Until I get my hands on the new V3, a Wyze CAM V2 inside an old turret metal housing with IR, adding an external amplified speaker, a 15 watts siren (sealed for outdoor), a 500W Spot Light, everything controlled using the Wyze app. All the electronics goes inside a 4"X4"X2” PVC Box (WiFi friendly)
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    Wyze Cam V3, upgraded, same price
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    Timed Relay Add-On

    Posted in the NVR Accessories section, but it may help as well for those HA requiring adding an inexpensive timing relay to your controller/automated contacts
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    Timed NVR relay output

    It came to an application in which I need to keep a load turned ON for an x amount of minutes. My toolbox only included inexpensive timed board which worked just the opposite, turning-on delay for suppressing rush current during power on cycles. If this may be your case, and you will like to...
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    WYZE Cheapest DIY Voice Activated Door Control (No Alexa required + Phone Video)

    With a $20 WYZE Cam, you may add a relay switch to control a garage or gate door using your voice command. Since the camera allows for 2-way communication, it includes a microphone and speaker, but for this particular setup, the speaker output will only work to drive the relay, since I never use...
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    LTS Password Reset

    need to add a couple a cameras to existing LTS Platinum Series, 16CH/PoE NVR. Customer forgot the password (already tried default admin/12345). I am not familiar with LTS (understand is a re-branded unit from HIK), since I normally use Dahua products. Anyone know of a Password Reset Generator...
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    External HDD Recommendations

    Planning using the Dahua NVR 54 Pro Series w/ external esata for backup storage. The esata is needed as a hidden storage, to be included in a custom build cabinet, connected through a 2-FT esata cable (external power provided as well). Planning using about 6~8 TB HD for external storage, but...