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    Drone with 180 degree angle camera

    Looking to get a drone most that I see out in the market do not offer 180 degree angle camera. thanks in advance.
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    Police of the year

    This officer has balls the size of coconut.
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    Getting Cameras coordinate with each other.

    I want to get License Plates and have an overview scene. Based on my need I choose to install all three camera on a single pole, (1)180 degree camera along with 2 LPR cameras on facing each side of the NARROW STREET PARKING LOT. Any suggestions on Getting the license plate of vehicle via lpr...
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    180 degree camera varifocal lens single feed recommendation

    I found these 2 but both have fixed lens. Dahua IPC-PFW8802-A180 DS-2CD6924F- thank you in advance
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    How to change field of view angle without changing the camera position.

    are there any camera lense capable of changing FOV angle rather that changing the position of camera. the first pic is what I have, the second pic is for reference of what I want.
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    SD8A840WA-HNF 4K 40x Starlight IR PTZ

    Got this on September 2020, decided not to use this camera, and has never been installed. Anyone interested lmk.
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    Opensource Linux phone to consider buying over ios or andriod.

    Things I liked about it was me being able to shut the camera off etc physically disconnecting any power going to that part of the phone.
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    LPR failed

    I am still testing on my nighttime LPR, what I came across was when vehicles are passing by continuously a bit close at night the headlight reflects light on the front vehicle and LPR capture fails, need help. you can see the white honda plate completely going off in the video. attached...
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    IPC-HFW7442H-Z4 4MP review

    Day 1: Vehicle passage by stop sign (05-20 mph speed) settings Day 2: Free flow ( 30-40 mph speed) Night 1 Night 2: Free flow ( 30-45 mph speed) will finish over weekend
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    ANPR accuracy %

    The accuracy of ANPR is not talked a lot due to many reasons including angle, cam settings, amount of light, etc. There are instances that plate is very clear but the reading is incorrect such as 2 being read as 7, B read as 8, etc. I could not find Dahua cams ANPR accuracy rate. What software...
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    Dash cam

    Looking for a dash cam front and rear which can record for a good amount of time when vehicle is parked and is off. if it can have battery that gets charged when car is running and use the battery when vehicle is off to help battery drainage. Vehicle: Toyota 4runnner 2016 sr5 thanks in advance
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    looking for a good wifi repeater

    I have a repeater which is a struggle getting it connected and sometimes when it gets connected it won't work. Looking for suggestions to get a new wifi repeater. thanks in advance EDIT: I want it for a system in my vehicle that requires internet via Ethernet cable. everything is in my vehicle...
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    Camera software developer.

    Any idea what profession I can hire for camera software development ? thanks in advance
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    PTZ with a support camera

    Anyone familiar with a system like this show in video bellow also with a support camera that works along side ptz without setting any preset etc. @EMPIRETECANDY
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    LPR on blue irs

    I just downloaded blue irs and is running on demo. It is connected to my ip camera. Wondering how I would turn on the LPR setting on blue irs 5 application. It gives me clips from the vehicle passing by but not license plates. thanks in advance
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    Remote car starter with good range

    I am looking to get a remote starter for my toyota prius but everything on amazon seems to not have a great range specially being inside blocks the signal. Anyone know of anything workable ?
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    Dahua camera

    Just received this beast from @EMPIRETECANDY