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    Blue Iris/Windows service problem

    Wpndows 7 ult. i am trying to enable windows service for Blur Iris. getting windows login box.touble ii have noo password for windows. Help please,at wits end
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    Missing Lightning etc

    Ihave just installed 2 new cameras & one is missin Lightning bolt & grey circle from top right. Cant remember how to set them Help please.
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    Need help setting up Sub Streams

    Looked at Wiki but cant make head or tail of it? Help Please Running BI Have 6 onvif cameras,all working fine but a bit choppy. Been trying to set up Sub Streams but totaly lost Cameras are 2X Igeek C6F0SgZ3N0P6L2 2x Tenvis JPT3815W-HD 1x IGEEK C9F0SeZ0N0P0L0 1X Tenvis...
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    What is ftp for

    Got it set up but no clue how to use it?
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    Possible long thread.New user needs help

    Old/disabled/housebound. Using Blue Iris to watch local wildlife & security. my pc specs. Motherboard: OptiPlex 7010 Basic I/O System(BIOS): BIOS Date: 06/28/18 15:31:46 Ver: A29.00 Central Processing Unit(CPU): Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz Physical Memory X 2...
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    Windows 7 to 10 upgrade

    just upgraded from Windows 7 to 10. Blur Iris camera search no longer works. Any ideas please
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    Camera max rate

    Just purchased full version.Totally lost When i change camera max rate in settings,i t fails to save setting. Also how can i change time settins & smow time on cameras Thanks
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    Camera ip question

    I have a cctv camera,My local IP is Camera is How can i access it to set it up??