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    New firmware for G3 Platform IP Cams (2XX6G2 2XX7G2 2XX6G0 XE6XXX) » 5.5.800_210628

    It probably fixes that bug and introduces a new backdoor.....:rofl:
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    Following...( that joker Wittaj)
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    Cord grip for PFA-130?

    Jeez, More stuff to know. checked link. I think i'm ok on my inside cams. might want to pick up some of these for the 2 outdoor installs.
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    Possible hacking into blueiris?

    I'm still not on a VPN equiped router at home, but with this thread, it may help me muddle through it. Just paid 2500 to Uncle Sam in estimated taxes, and $900 in hotel bills, blah blah,blah, ( low on Cash dudes) ....Thanks to the guys who gave input on this post.
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    New camera with some questions

    If you create an AUX1 folder on a drive, then click that [...] box and surf to the drive and the folder and select it. then hit OK, should write to that address..........location whatever. it may take a few minutes for the BI screen to have files available in the new location if there is no motion.
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    New camera with some questions

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    New camera with some questions

    Q3. yes. you can do continous record 24/7. you can aslo select the option to snap .jpgs at desired intervals during a trigger.
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    New camera with some questions

    Q2. Try increasing the pretigger record to 9-10 seconds.
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    New camera with some questions

    question 1. Use Camera GUI, on night settings try manual mode with 1/2000 shutter speed, then adjust gain, in some cases 1/1000 shutter is ok. Im using 1/2000.
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    Empire Tech NVR5208-4KS2

    I wonder if a guy were to try and update the NVR firmware, if it might rewrite the software and get rid of the errors. Somebody smarter about Dahua NVR will stop by soon hopefully @bigredfish
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    Empire Tech NVR5208-4KS2

    Yikes. I suppose you tried to reboot the machine? Any lightning recently? I just lost a Garage door opener, a Cisco Switch and a Linksys router, to lightning. They power on but act funny. So I know they're corrupted somehow.
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    Will this card (Nvidia T600) fit inside Dell Optiplex 7040 SFF?

    read the specs. it will tell you. this particular one is a low profile.
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    Suggest a indoor POE PTZ?

    No they are not true POE. It is ethernet or Wifi.... I have one as well. It's powered by the Provided usb cable. mine is plugged into to my DVR's usb port. I wonder if they will ever have one like it in POE....
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    IP/POE Doorbell

    I can only talk about my experience. My my wifi/ISP unit is 10-12 feet away, So wifi is strong. Performance as good as wired. It also worked hooked in Wifi hooked up to the rear doorbell. which was much further away like the other end of the house. A good 30-35 feet. I havent tried any trigger...
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    IP/POE Doorbell

    The Amcrest ad110 works with the Amcrest Smart home App, and I've got it up in Blue Iris as well with it's IP address and the User/ pass from the App...